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WalLED Mini LED Lamps with Remote Control (pack of 6)

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Introducing the WalLED mini LED lamps with remote control (pack of 6)! Includes 6 LED lamps (approx. 8.5 x 2 x 8.5 cm), with 5 LEDs of white light each, and a remote control with an operating range of up to 6 m. No cables or mains required. It operates on batteries (3 x AAA each lamp and 2 x AAA the remote control). For indoor use only. They don't heat up nor cause any burns. The remote control has an on/off function, two light intensity levels and timer (30 min auto off). Perfect for wardrobes, bookcases, garages, etc. Easy to install (optional) with screws or double-sided adhesive tape). It can also be used as a portable lamp without installation.

Batteries, screws and adhesive tape are not included.

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